What is Battlefield LASERSouth Coast Laser Skirmish - Batemans Bay

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Battlefield LASER

Battlefield LASER is an authentic combat entertainment experience using sophisticated gaming guns.

Battlefield LASERâ„¢ also known as laser skirmish is a completely new brand of combat game of entertainment and full on action. The Battlefield LASER experience is a live-action version of popular video games like "Call of Duty" or "HALO".

Realistic Action Game

Battlefield LASER is the most realistic simulation, short of joining the military. You can experience this for yourself, when I brief you on missions called "Live-Plays." Just like a screen play, the Live Play gives gamers their mission briefing, Intel on the enemy, and terrain map.

Combat Games are a mix of open play and scenarios that blend strategy and energy in team challenges, making the most of the equipment features. Missions give teams options and objectives and the chance to deploy their skills effectively. Players don't 'sit out' missions when their gun deactivates, they become squad reinforcements and head back to the front line.

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On a Mission

It is like being part of your own movie except the plot is determined by you. I, or one of my fellows C.O.s, will brief you on the battlefield, on how to use the gaming guns and on your team's objectives. Your orders would be to fight in the bush under various conditions and on well planned missions. There is a chain of command at Battlefield LASER, so you will follow your C.O's orders.

Throughout the battlefield referees on hand to make sure gamers don't get carried away by the fog of war.

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The Weapons

Longbeach Battlefield LASER uses the Scorpion Sub-Machine Gun which is great for close and long range combat.

Battlefield combat games use Small Arms Transmitter Receiver (SATR) technology to provide real-time feedback of hits and accuracy, a loud soundtrack to all the action brings the battle closer than ever!

These gaming guns are used by SWAT, Law enforcement, military personnel and gamers in more than 35 countries. Unlike paintball guns or airsoft guns these gaming guns shoot high-powered infrared "ghost bullets".

The gaming guns shoot infrared (just like a TV remote) or "ghost" bullets so they are harmless and eye safe.